Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another Retreat!

OH MY GOODNESS! I hardly know where to start. I meant to write a post about how I was getting ready to go on a retreat, but then I never got around to it. We had such a great time. Many, many, many thanks to my great friend Mary, who spends untold hours setting it all up. Here are just a few of the beautiful projects I saw being created over the 4 day weekend. I know I missed a lot. There was so many great projects going together around me that I just couldn't keep up. I tried to wait until the project was as far along as it was going to get for the weekend before I took the photo, but that meant that sometimes things got put away, and I missed out. 

This beauty was made by Verna.

Mary Beth made this lovely table runner for her dining room table.

I saw several among us working on these fun blocks. This one was Donna's.

And, this one was Tracy's.

 One of our Mary's made this pretty batik creation. We only had 3 Mary's with us this time.

Page was working on this.I was jealous. I have always wanted to do something with this block. I had tried to talk my most recent Etsy customer into using this block.

These gorgeous blocks belong to Jean. I have never 
gotten around to working with curves and points like this
but one of these days..... 

This colorful beauty belongs to Joyce.

 I have to apologize to the person who made this lovely quilt. I am embarrassed to admit that I can't remember who it belongs to. I am so sorry.

Shelia made this lovely,

And this one too! You can almost smell those flowers on the border!

Carol made this beautiful gradation, and love how she fussy cut the centers!

Eleanor made this beautiful log cabin variation. More really effective fussy cutting.

Alice made this gorgeous log cabin; and this ...

And last, but definitely not least, Chelsea worked hard all weekend on this stunning Bargello. Even more amazing since she has only been quilting for-has it been 2 years(?)

      As I post these pictures, I amazed at how many beautiful projects I remember seeing; that I missed getting a shot of. So much creativity going on! How lucky and blessed am i to be included in this wonderful group of women!

     In my next post I will show some fun things we did as a group; and what I did while I was on retreat. See you next time; and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. We did have a great time!!! Sorry to see that you did not get my Y seams lily blocks in your pictures. hahaha Something to remember hard blocks are not for retreat. Great to sew with you again, Barbara