Monday, June 11, 2012

A Joy, a Disappointment, and a Dilemma

     You know how it feels when you have been putting off doing something, then, all of a sudden you just do it; and it feels so good to have it done? There was a desktop computer on my desk that I have not used since I got internet service put in this house; and was told that they could not hook it up to that computer without another adapter because the connections on that computer were too old. Ever since then I have just used my lap top. I mean, this desk top computer is only from 2001! I been meaning to get rid of it forever. I finally did it! I had been putting it off because I thought it would take a long time to take the  files that I wanted to save off of it. I reality, it took about an hour to copy those files and dismantle the thing and take it downstairs. And now look at my nice clean desk! It's like having  brand new workspace! What a great feeling to have that finally done. It only took 2 1/2 years.

     There is something I want to warn you all about. I have my quilts and patterns on Etsy. I love the sense of community you find there; and all of the information they are always putting out to help their seller/artists. I have had some success on Etsy too. The red and white quilt order came from Etsy, and I sold another quilt there last fall. This weekend I got an inquiry about one of my quilts. I was suspicious about it because the person asked me to respond to their private email address instead of answering through the Etsy message system called "convos". So, I ignored the persons request to use their private email; and just answered them with a return "convo". Then I wrote Etsy, asking if I was right to be concerned. Apparently, I was. Being asked to respond through your private email is a sign of trouble. It is so nice to have someone to write to and ask this and get a response in 36 hours. I just wanted to share that experience for any of you who are new Etsy users; and like me, aren't all that confidant with these wonderful tools in we have in the digital age.If they ask you to respond to their email address, they are trying to lure you into dealing with them outside the Etsy system. The next step may be to offer you more than you have your item listed for; and get you to send them back money. Their Pay Pal payment will be a forgery, and if you have shipped your item; that's gone too. They especially target shops that have high ticket items, and a small amount of sales.

While Regina has the red and white quilt; I made the label for it today. That way, when I get it back from her, it will be ready to go on the quilt. The binding is already made and ready to go on the quilt. Here is what the label looks like.

I have been working on the quarter square triangle blocks for the Let's Polka quilt. I cut 2 squares. Then I marked and sewed them corner to corner like you would to make half square triangles. But, after sewing, I cut them in a big X.

 This gives you enough pieces to make 2 blocks. Many of my blocks have strips, so I end up with one block with horizontal stripes, and another block with vertical stripes.

I have also been working on my bird cage quilt. That is where the dilemma comes in. This was my original drawing.

In the drawing, I have strips on one side of he panel, and equilateral triangles on the other side of the panel.Though I didn't draw it in; I plan to repeat those two things, only switch the sides on the lower portion of the quilt. This week I got the strips sewn together, mostly by using them as leaders and enders (Bonnie Hunter style), while I was working on other things. I put both strip panels up on the design wall on the upper half of the quilt to see what they look like. I kind of like the symmetry.

I will have to make a panel of triangles before I can decide for sure. Then I can try it out both ways. But maybe I will end up with just strips in all 4 areas. 

Well, that's what I have been up to. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love to see the pictures of your quilts!!! Keep on sewing, Barbara