Friday, June 22, 2012

What I Did on Retreat and Since Then

     So, believe it or not, I did more on retreat than take pictures. 

     I was thumbing through my copy of Around the Block with Judy Hopkins; when I found 2 blocks that I thought I could try with my Kaffes' and Philip Jacobs' prints.

      So I made a few blocks.

      I'm not sure if I'm getting the effect I want; so these will be going on the far back burner for awhile.
     I put a couple of motifs on my ellipses quilt. I think I only have 3 left. I would love to just sprint to the finish line with this; now that I am home, but I have to finish my 2 orders first. I'll get to an update on them later in the post.

     Remember these blocks?

     I had an idea about how I was going to lay them out, but wasn't able to show you yet. I made some progress on that front while I was at retreat.

      I think that the negative spaces are going to be different reds

     This was my Jelly Roll Race quilt. I think I came in 3rd from the last. Competitive speed sewing may not be my thing! But, I had a good time playing, and was surprised by getting some ideas for quick, easy quilts. I don't often get ideas for a quick, easy quilt, so this might be useful.

      Here is the beautiful  fabric I won in the fabric swap.

     Thank you so much to Mary for setting this up. Everyone I spoke to had such a wonderful time together! I enjoyed it so much that yesterday, I took the opportunity to ride down to Macon with Mary and spend a bit more time with the Macon ladies. Mary is a school teacher, so I like to take advantage of the chance to spend some extra time with her during the summer months.

     Alice, from the Macon Guild, was doing a workshop on working with selvages. I worked on my Let's Polka order quilt, but I enjoyed seeing what they were doing; and got some good ideas for future use. Why throw away what could be put to good use? Needless to say, a lovely time was had by all. I just love getting together with quilting friends!

     I now have most of the HST for the Let's Polka quilt made and trimmed. I also got the quarter square triangles made; but they are not all trimmed yet. Maybe by next post.

     I got the red and white quilt back from Regina. Of course the quilting pattern she recommended looks fabulous on it! I was so paranoid about getting all of that white dirty; that I pinned a sheet to both sides, before trimmed off the excess back, and machine stitched the binding on. This made the quilt weigh a ton, but, I hope it helps it to stay clean! 

     My plan for the rest of the day is to put in a movie, and hand stitch that binding down.

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