Monday, June 25, 2012


Well, it's finally finished and ready to ship. This morning I sent a photo of it to my customer; and he sounded like he was really pleased with it. Yay! Everyone who knows my work will be amazed that this quilt came out of me. I have never ever made a 2 color quilt before, much less a 2 fabric quilt! But I have to say-it is striking in it's simplicity. And it goes comparatively quickly, because I didn't spend any time deciding what to pair up together, or laying out and arranging blocks.

That strange piece of fabric you see hanging below the quilt, and in the upper right hand corner is a sheet that I pinned to the back of the quilt to prevent it from picking up any dirt on the back from my deck. Before I snapped the photo there was a sheet pinned to the front too! lol. I was trying so hard to keep it clean! Sorry about the dappled sunlight. I usually try to wait for a cloudy day to photograph my quilts, but I didn't have time. Actually, it was cloudy- then the sun came out just in time to be in the picture. 

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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  1. Candace - WOW!! It looks great. Your customer will be very happy. Are there more two color quilts in your future??? LOL Barbara