Sunday, June 3, 2012

Time for the Borders

     Last night, I finished the center of the red and white quilt. It was late, and I was tired, but I also put the back together. This quilt has much more white than all of the quilts I have ever made, put together. I have really been sweating how to keep it all pristine; now that it is large enough to drag on the floor as I am working on it. I laid out sheets under my ironing board, and my sewing machine to prevent the quilt from coming in contact with the floor.

     Today I will put the 2 borders on; 1 narrow red, border, and a wide, white border. As I was piecing this, I used areas of my Bird Cage quilt for leaders and enders. Now. all of my large blocks have the Economy blocks around them; and I have started on my strips. I will delve more into that in a future post.

     Last Friday, I had a meeting with my customer from the Inman Park Festival, who ordered the king size version of "Let's Polka". She approved the fabric choices. I will lay those out in another blog post as soon as I get the red and white quilt to Regina, my quilter. We are scheduled to meet tomorrow. This afternoon I will finish the top by adding the borders.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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