Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This Just In....and More

      As I was saying, There were many projects at retreat that I missed getting a photo of. The main culprit is when I see something I want to photograph, I want to wait until just before the person working on it, puts it away and moves on to the next project. That way I take the photograph when the project is as far along as it is going to get on that retreat. I will have to come up with a different system, because all too often, I look up and the project has been put away, and I have missed it all together.

     Case in point: Mary, the illustrious instigator and organizer of this whole shebang; worked on this beautiful quilt all weekend. It was in many pieces yet, when we left retreat. And, she put it away when I wasn't looking. But in this case it wasn't too big of a problem because I am lucky enough to be in the same friendship group as Mary, and usually see her, and quilts she is working on, at least twice a month. It just so happens that we met tonight. A mutual friend, Regina, who was better prepared than I, took a photo of said quilt and emailed it to me. So, here it is:

We also had a really fun pincushion swap. This is the pincushion I made for the swap It is made of scraps of hand dyed, hand woven wool I made when I used to weave scarves and blankets.

     Here is a photo of the other pincushions in the swap. We had such a great time with this!

      Isn't this a lovely assortment of special pincushions?

      We also had a jelly roll race. I was skeptical of this at first; it turned out to be really fun! And, it gave me tons of cool ideas for making quick, random, quilts from strips. Here are the Jelly Roll quilts that were made by our group.


And the winners are:

Congratulations Tracy, Donna, and Beth!

      As I said, this really got the ideas flowing. I can't wait ti try some of them out. My friends Mary Beth and Eleanor; had a great time cutting on and reconstructing theirs. Mary Beth used hers to start on a spider web quilt.

      Eleanor added this bold native looking black and white to make half square triangles. Do I have some creative friends or what?!

     I'll show what I was working on at retreat on the next post. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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